All what you need to understand and to bring to Ukraine while arriving.
1) Make sure you come with your full school fees
2) Make sure your hostel fees is full
3) Make sure you come with your pocket fees
4) Make sure you bring along at least cloth and shoes  that you will  wear pending the time to arrive in Ukraine and buy new one , in case of cold period .
5) Make sure you come with food stuffs that that you can eat for the mail time to adapt to Ukrainian food.
A) all your documents must be with you when you are coming don’t leave any behind
B) In your home country immigration make sure you did not forget any documents at your home country air-port during immigration checking .
C) Make sure your ticket is full year (one year)
D) Make sure you call (Ukraine education)authority to inform when you will arrive to Ukraine so that our co-ordinator will welcome you at the air-port to avoid   deportation.
E) Ukraine education consultancy fees must be with you.
Contact us for more information.

We will wish you good and safe journey to Ukraine.

3) What city is your university located? ( you must ask or check your invitation letter)
4) What is the name of your admission or your consultant in Ukraine? (Ukraine education or check at the back of your admission letter)
5)  What is your course duration in Ukraine (you must know this)
6)  what are going to Ukraine to study or work (you want to study)
7) When you finish your study in Ukraine are you going back home or stay in Ukraine (am going back home)
8) When you finish your courses in Ukraine are you going to further  your study (if BSC. yes to study master----(if master  yes to study PHD) if PHD.  No you are  going back home (if language course yes)
9) Are you going to Ukraine with your full school fees and hostel fees (you must answer yes).
10) All your documents that you are taking to Ukraine are they originals. (you must answer this)
With all this detail you have 100% visa assurance as Ukraine education student.